june hewitt
Great products! Melissa is highly professional. I recommend the banana chips, apple rings, and the applesauce bites! Delicious! They are convenient. The snacks are a must have for a busy life style.
Charles Bigham
My sister and I have tried so many of Melissa's treats. My sister and I favorite and the applesauce bights and the cheese cake bites! -Luna B
Dodge Yeah
Great snacks for on the road ! My daughter loves all the fruits, and candies !
Bree Yeates
The best freeze dried bananas I’ve ever had!! So much better than ones bought from the store. Freeze-dried Alfredo with chicken is also delicious!! Love all of the meals.
Ashley Ferguson
Absolutely love everything, but the strawberries are my favorite!
Brianna Raffel
I have always liked freeze dried fruit, when I tried Melissa’s I knew it was the best I had ever had. Knowing it is all home grown and natural I can eat a whole bag and not feel guilty! My favorite is the freeze dried Carmel Apples, but all of her options are delicious! I highly recommend her products!
Fantastic freeze dried food of all sorts. Love the freeze dried meals for hunting in the woods the best! Definitely recommended!